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Skin Care Analysis  $300

Without general knowledge of the skin, skin types and how to select appropriate pre products for each client, your makeup applications will be under par. Learn about general skin issues and how to successfully prep skin for an effortless makeup application.

  • Understanding the skin

  • Skin type vs condition 

  • Choosing appropriate product for each client

  • Prepping skin like a pro

  • Sanitation – Protecting yourself, your client and your kit


All About Lashes $300

There is a difference between a pretty makeup and stunning applications. Most often the difference is lash. Learn to elongate eyes, create an almond shape to make them look bigger or more dramatic.  The possibilities are endless!! This is most defiantly my favorite subject! 

  • How to choose the appropriate individual or strip lash

  • Custom lash

  • Editorial lash 

  • Lash Removal




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