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Christina Susi has been in the professional Beauty Industry since 2002.


She has had the “beautician’s eye” since she could reach the sink at her Aunt’s salon. Christina grew up wanting to mirror her Mom’s 80’s permed hairstyles and eyeliner as a way to differentiate herself in a large family of girls. 


She began her professional makeup career working at a well-known makeup counter and built her clientele base well enough to freelance in 2007. Since then, she has been able to live her fairytale hairstyle and make-up career with love and passion.


Over the last decade, Christina has mastered a few different avenues of the industry and is heavily experienced in Hair, Makeup and Eyebrow Featherstroking.


She has established a unique and chic approach to the constantly evolving beauty industry in the trendsetting mecca of

Silicon Valley!




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